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6 quick Steps to Greater Energy & Better Health

There are SIX steps to this healing system.

  1. The first step is clearing negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Negative emotions, fears, anxieties, traumatic memories and phobias reduce your energy by blocking the flow of prana through your aura, the energy body that surrounds and interpenetrates your physical body. When the flow of prana is blocked or otherwise inhibited, it can ultimately lead to physical illness. Thus, there is a strong emotional component to any ailment, and negative emotions must be cleared or resolved in order to maintain a state of high energy and good health.
  2. The second step is pranic breathing. This is a highly-energizing breathing technique that utilizes the principles of rhythm, a specific breathing count, and retention, the purposeful holding of the breath in the lungs at specific times, to enable practitioners to draw in large quantities of prana to boost their own vitality and relieve health problems.
  3. The third step is energy manipulation, which consists of three methods of manually cleaning your energy body and maintaining the smooth, plentiful flow of prana through it. These techniques include scanning, or using your hands to actually feel for energetic imbalances in your aura; sweeping, or cleaning away the dirty or congested prana with several specific hand movements; and energizing, or drawing in prana and projecting it into areas of energetic depletion. These techniques may sound a bit strange, but the truth is, with proper training and only about 20 minutes of daily practice, nearly everyone can learn to feel, sweep and project energy in just a couple of weeks.
  4. The fourth step is energetic hygiene, which is the practice of keeping your energy body as clean and charged up as possible through emotional regulation, dietary recommendations, special physical exercises, the use of salt as an energetic cleansing agent and numerous other techniques. Most people feel their personal energy surge when they begin practicing energetic hygiene regularly.
  5. The fifth step is meditation. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui teaches a number of meditations for calming the mind and increasing the supply of prana. But beginning Pranic Healing® students are taught one basic meditation: The Meditation on Twin Hearts, a powerful meditation on peace and loving kindness that draws in enormous quantities of healing prana.
  6. The sixth and final step consists of the two very powerful energy-generation exercises, of which both have been modified by Grand Master Choa to make them simple to perform while still ensuring that they enable the practitioner to produce great quantities of high-quality prana. These include the modified Tibetan Yogic Exercises and the modified Mentalphysics Exercises. Both sets take only minutes to perform.

These six steps can be learned and applied in less than just two weeks, though the benefits of some of these steps — for instance, pranic breathing and some aspects of energetic hygiene, such as taking salt baths and making dietary modifications — can be felt almost immediately. Together, these steps comprise a very powerful daily routine for tens of thousands around the world who are experiencing the energetic and health benefits — and the simplicity — of Pranic Healing®. And in just 20-30 minutes per day, they will help add calm, energy and healing to anyone’s busy life.

Have a great healthy life....

2 Comments to 6 quick Steps to Greater Energy & Better Health:

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Vina Shah on 02 February 2012 11:28
Thank you Iris for giving a detailed easy 6 steps to better health. For those who want to learn more, check out the Pranic Healing London Website and come for the regular Twin Hearts Meditations - now at 3 different locations throughout London and surrounding areas! Come and learn about the Meditations and release all the pent-up energies that are weighing you down.
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Vina Shah on 21 February 2012 14:58
Thank you for your thumbs up! Much appreciated! Please also feel free to "like" the website on the home page as this helps! :) With love & light
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