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"When it came to my turn, I told Vina I wanted to concentrate on reducing my stress levels. She instructed me to close my eyes as she took a body scan. She informed me my energy levels were low around my third eye and throat. During the process, I could feel subtle energy shifts around my head. Afterwards, Vina told me not to shower before bed or I would wash away all my new energy. The next day, I woke up feeling more energised."
Alexandra Wenman - Editor Predictions Magazine - September 2011

"My daughter Krishna really enjoyed the Level 1 Basic Pranic Healing Course. She is very much interested in progessing further with Pranic Healing. We leave her in the hands of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui to guide her in this spiritual journey that she has embarked on at a very early stage in her life! Keep up the good work! A very proud parent!"
Jaysukh Mistry -January 2012

"The pain on my finger is less, and it seems to me that the cyst itself is getting smaller. My toe,is also better and  the colour of my nail is changing.  Thanks for you help and support!"
Eleonora - December 2011

"I did the Basic Pranic Healing Course. It was very informative, well paced and thorough. It was conducted in an animated and friendly way, with varied practical and theoretical elements which made it easy to absorb the contents. I'm using the knowledge acquired almost daily. I'm impressed with the follow up contact and support that is still offered."
Lidia Domani - June 2011

"Strongly recommend Vina Shah's pranic healing services - she is a wonderfully warm and gifted healer, who also provides extensive information links, updates & information about pranic healing treatments and courses for those who wish to study this powerful healing methodology."
Clare Hammond - June 2011

"Vina always keeps us informed of what is coming up and the cost. The courses are well publicised and easy to understand. All venues have been excellent and all trainers and tutors top quality."
Thomas Marty - June 2011

"Atma Namaste! Wonderful blog..great work..!"
Nalini (Coventry) - May 2011

"I attended the basic Pranic Healing course last November and was very pleased with the way the course was run. The instructors were very welcoming and accommodating of people's needs. The course was well taught, with plenty of support available after the course and lots of regular meet-ups and events for those interested in getting involved. I learnt a great deal from the course and felt that I grew as a person as a result of attending, and I look forward to studying at the next level! Very highly recommended."
Tanya Stephens - March 2011

"By being part of the Pranic Healing London Group, I have had lots of information about Pranic Healing and other related Spiritual Courses. The group is run in a very professional, organised and friendly manner."
Gita Shah - March 2011
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