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Compass for Feng ShuiMake your home and office work for you. Harness energies within the space that will grow your finances, restore your health, nurture loving relationships or inspire you towards your dreams. Does your home and office reflect who you are and where you want to be?

Lets make the most of your space by using simple and highly effective techniques to fuel your finances, relationships and health.

You might want to consider Pranic Feng Shui for your home or business if:
  • your door does not face North, East or Northwest when you walk OUT of it. We also want to take into consideration the elements around the door and the relationship of the front door to the street
  • there was a divorce previously
  • the previous business went bankrupt
  • if you are having problems with your finances, or money is ‘slipping through your fingers’
  • if you are experiencing blocks with your career or creativity
  • if there is relationship problems between co-workers, partners or kids
  • someone within the space is having health problems or psychological distress
  • or if the history of the land was ever a hospital, burial ground, slaughter house, dump, prison or if a violent crime had occurred previously
  • children are having a hard time sleeping (nightmares etc) or having severe behavioral problems

What to expect in a Pranic Feng Shui session?
Every home and business is unique and different from one place to the next. Every session starts off with a consultation. We will work to identify the main problem or concern within the space. As well, we will discuss your personal and/or business goals and then take steps to make sure your space is in line with where you are going.

Give your office a make-over and ensure that it is overflowing with prosperity and abundance. Ensure that it has the energy you need to be very successful in all areas of the work front.

Professional Relationship Healing for Employees
Having problems with professional relationships? We offer healing sessions to employees whom you feel could benefit. This can help increase productivity within the work space, foster harmonious work relationships and make sure that everyone is operating at the top of their game.

To contact us for a consultation, please complete your details in the form below.  We look forward to helping increase your success and well being in life!

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