Pranic Healers Page(for Pranic Healers and Arhatic Yoga Practitioners only)
Welcome to the Pranic Healers page.  Here you will find all current activities taking place where you can join and progress in your Spiritual and Healing Practices.

Upcoming Pranic Healing Events
  • 29.06.17 Euston Meditation/Healing Clinic
  • 30.06.17 - Euston Live Stream Les Workshop
  • 03.07.17 Hatch End Meditation/Healing Clinic
  • 05.07.17 - Pinner Meditation/Healing Clinic
  • 06.07.17 Euston Meditation/Healing Clinic
  • 10.07.17 Hatch End Meditation/Healing Clinic
  • 13.07.17 Euston Health, Weight-Loss & Positive Self Image Workshop
  • 17.07.17 Hatch End Stress Relief & Well-being Workshop
  • 19.07.17 - Pinner Meditation/Healing Clinic
  • 20.07.17 Euston Meditation/Healing Clinic
  • 21.07.17 - Euston Live Stream Les Workshop
  • 24.07.17 Hatch End Meditation/Healing Clinic
  • 27.07.17 Euston Meditation/Healing Clinic
  • 31.07.17 Hatch End Meditation/Healing Clinic
  • 02.08.17 - Pinner Meditation/Healing Clinic
  • 03.08.17 Euston Meditation/Healing Clinic
  • 07.08.17 Hatch End Meditation/Healing Clinic
  • 10.08.17 Euston Meditation/Healing Clinic
  • 12.08.17 Euston Pranic Healing Level 1 Practice Session 
  • 12.08.17 Euston Advanced Pranic Healing Practice Session 
  • 14.08.17 Hatch End Meditation/Healing Clinic
  • 16.08.17 - Pinner Meditation/Healing Clinic
  • 17.08.17 Euston Meditation/Healing Clinic
  • 21.08.17 Hatch End Meditation/Healing Clinic
  • 24.08.17 Euston Meditation/Healing Clinic
  • 25.08.17 - Euston Live Stream Les Workshop
  • 28.08.17 Hatch End Meditation/Healing Clinic
  • 31.08.17 Euston Meditation/Healing Clinic
  • 04.09.17 Hatch End Health, Weight-Loss & Positive Self Image Workshop

Upcoming Pranic Healing Courses

To Register for any of the above courses, please complete the Online Registration,

Upcoming Higher Courses
  • Spiritual Business Management                - 7 September 2017 (1 day) - Holiday Inn, Maidenhead
  • Pranic Feng Shui                                      - 8 September 2017 (1 day) - Holiday Inn, Maidenhead
  • Kriyashakti                                               - 9 & 10 September 2017 (2 days) - Holiday Inn, Maidenhead

MCKS Charitable Foundation UK
The MCKS Charitable Foundation UK was formed with the intention of supporting children and young adults with life limiting illness. The charity will do this by financially supporting charities that aspire to this objective here in the UK. Read More......

Prana Jewels LogoPrana Jewels

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/pranajewel
Website: www.pranajewels.com


Regular Pranic Healing Practices
facilitated by Ben Perry & Anita Stephen
81-103 Euston Street, London NW1 2EZ 
When: Thursday Weekly Pranic Healing Practices
(except 1st Thursday monthly)
Time: 8.00pm to 9pm

Pinner Village Hall, Chapel Lane, Pinner HA5 1AB
(walking distance from Pinner Tube St and parking available)   
When: 2nd  & 4th Wednesdays Monthly
Time: 9pm to 10pm

Twin Hearts Meditations
81-103 Euston Street, London NW1 2EZ 
When:Thursdays Weekly
Time: 7.00pm to 8.00pm

Pinner Village Hall, Chapel Lane, Pinner HA5 1AB
(walking distance from Pinner Tube St and parking available)   
When: 2nd  & 4th Wednesdays Monthly
Time: 8pm to 9pm

Open to Public!

Liability Insurance
All Pranic Healers who give their healing services MUST have the Public Liability Insurance.  

Professional Risk Insurance through Towergate Insurance
Tel: 01438 735251


Arhatic Practices with Meditations
facilitated by Anita Stephen & Ben Perry
When:1st Tuesday Monthly
Scheduled Dates for 2017: 4th Jul, 1st Aug, 12th Sep, 3rd Oct, 7th Nov, 5th Dec
Time: 7.00pm to 8.30pm
Venue: Wesley Conference Centre 
81-103 Euston Street, London NW1 2EZ
Email: Organiser for more details
Fee: £10 Donation

Arhatic Review Day with Les Flitcroft
facilitated by Les Flitcroft
When:3rd December 2017
Time: 9.30am to 8.00pm
Venue: Basingstoke Country Hotel
Register: Online
Fee: £125 (early bird)
After 3rd November Fee: £150

Ireland Arhatic Yoga Retreat 2018
1st ever Arhatic Retreat in Ireland!
When: September 2018
Venue: tba

Pranic Healing London Team
affiliated to Institute Of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland

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