The Pranic Healing London Group runs solely on donations by Pranic Healers/Arhatic Yoga Practitioners and well-wishers.  If you wish to donate/tithe, your donations will be greatfully accepted!

You can specify where you wish the donation to be used:
  • MCKS Charitable Projects
  • Spreading Pranic Healing

You may decree your donation to come back to you in any way that you wish.  

Make a donation now using Paypal.

Thank you and may GMCKS and the Higher Beings Bless you and your family with divine love, divine light & divine protection!

MCKS Charitable Foundation UK

Master Choa Kok Sui - Atma Namaste!
“A good heart is not enough. You have to have the will to do good. The will to do good is a good heart plus will power”
- Master Choa Kok Sui

The aim of the MCKS Charitable Foundation UK is to raise funds for the 1st UK MCKS Pranic Healing Centre.
The Centre will be there for anyone interested in well being and spiritual development. To donate to the charity and support the first MCKS UK Pranic Healing Centre please Read on.....

MCKS Charitable Foundation

Atma Namaste!

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